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10-year guarantee

03 06 2013 - 10-year guarantee very soon!

Starting from 07 2013 Dreamhouse buildings will come with 10-year guarantee!

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a new design of Dreamhouse website

28 05 2013 - A new design of our website!

We have just updated the design and the content of our website.

Thermo log from Dreamhouse

07 05 2013 - Revolutionary "Thermo" log - U value 29% better!

Dreamhouse UAB has developed "Thermo" log that has 29% better U value.

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3D visualizations are now available!

17 04 2013 - 3D visualizations are now available

Dreamhouse UAB has started to make 3D visualizations.

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Construction drawings

17 04 2013 - Construction drawings are now available

Dreamhouse UAB has added construction drawings in PDF of the following building systems to the website:


Showroom - renewed

26 03 2013 - Dreamhouse showroom has just been renewed!

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Fachwerk exposition

26 03 2013 - Traditional fachwerk houses exposition is now available!

Dreamhouse UAB has added fachwerk houses exposition in the showroom.

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Tyrihans Konsepthytter advertised in the magazine "HYTTE informasjon 2013"

26 03 2013 - Tyrihans Konsepthytter presented in the magazine "HYTTE informasjon 2013"

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Modern full-glass post & beam house

13 03 2013 - Modern full-glass houses already available from Dreamhouse!

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ISO certificate

05 03 2013 - Dreamhouse UAB - ISO certified company!

Dreamhouse UAB has been audited by DNV and has granted certificate ISO 9001:2008 for the following:

Designing, sales and building of wooden houses. Project management.

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Strongest in Lithuania certificate_2012

17 10 2012 - Dreamhouse UAB having a high credit rating again!

Same as last year, Dreamhouse UAB got a certificate confirming that the company has a high credit rating.


Post and beam chalet

28 08 2012 - Post and beam chalet being built in Les Houches, France

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Construction in Agnières-en-Dévoluy, France

16 08 2012 - A real Norwegian hand-crafted log cabin being built in Agnières-en-Dévoluy, France

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3 floor log cabin being built in Switzerland

06 07 2012 - Even 3 floor log cabin being built in Switzerland (6289 Hämikon)

Read what this client says about Dreamhouse UAB

New design of Dreamhouse UAB minibuses

10 05 2012 - New design of Dreamhouse UAB minibuses

Dreamhouse UAB has changed the design of builders' minibuses.

Dreamhouse in Namur, Belgium

27 03 2012 - Dreamhouse in the exhibition in Namur, Belgium!

The exhibition in Namur has just finished.

Looking forward to meeting you in further exhibitions.

Inner door

27 03 2012 - Selected laminated pine doors - standard of Dreamhouse

From now and further on inner doors made of selected laminated pine come like a standard in our deliveries!

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Dreamhouse in the exhibition in Namur, Belgium!

23-26th of March Dreamhouse products will be presented by ARBAT sprl (www.arbat.be) in Namur exhibition.

The clients are most welcome to the exhibition to get introduced to our products!

More information about the exhibition: www.bois-habitat.be

13 02 2012 - Official representative of Dreamhouse in France (near Disneyland, Paris)!

Dreamhouse UAB now have an Official representative in France (near Disneyland, Paris).

Contact the representative

30 01 2012 - Official representative of Dreamhouse in Morocco!

Now the products of Dreamhouse UAB are available not only all around Europe but in Africa as well.

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Projects completed in France, Slovenia and Hungary

11 10 2011 - Buildings in France, Slovenia and Hungary completed

Dreamhouse UAB completed three more log houses in Europe.

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Polar Finnish slow-growing wood - available!

07 09 2011 - Polar Finnish slow-growing wood available!

Dreamhouse UAB is proud to inform that from now and further on the company can offer laminated logs made of Polar Finnish slow-growing wood!

QAMB certificate

14 06 2011 - QAMB certificate & 10-year guarantee!

Dreamhouse UAB has been audited and is considered to be in conformity with the standards of quality required by QAMB (Quality Assurances Maisons Bois). Additionally, the products used in the manufacture of the housing units have been shown to be in the conformity with current European Standards.

This certificate lets our houses be insuranced with 10-year guarantee that is required in France and some other countries.

New collection of standard projects

20 05 2011 - New collection of standard projects presented in our website

Now we have even more standard projects - 11 new projects were published in our website.

See our standard projects now!

Different thickness inner & outer log walls

06 05 2011 - Different thickness inner & outer log walls

Want to save some costs? Use different thickness inner & outer log walls!

"Hundegger" machinery

04 04 2011 - "Hundegger" machinery - almost unlimited possibilities!

DREAMHOUSE UAB is now able to deliver materials produced by "Hundegger" machinery!

New possibilities from the company:

  • "Post & beam" type houses
  • City corner
  • Log corners with any angle

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Electricity installation "Quick & Simple"

30 03 2011 - "Quick & Simple" electricity installation

DREAMHOUSE UAB is proud to present our developed electricity installation "Quick & Simple".

The main advantages of this system are time saving and flexibility.

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New style commercial offer

02 03 2011 - New style commercial offers!

DREAMHOUSE UAB has upgraded the program to create commercial offers.

New features of our commercial offers:

  1. Not only the materials and assembling but fixing elements prices are now given separately.
  2. There are direct links to construction drawings given in the commercial offer.

See a sample of commercial offer

Standard projects

18 02 2011 - 14 standard projects presented in the website!

Although DREAMHOUSE UAB specializes in individual designing, we have created some standard projects for our customers.

See our standard projects

Exclusive cabin in Sweden (Bydalen)

03 01 2011 - Exclusive cabin completed in Sweden (Bydalen)

The building is made of 200 mm. Norwegian logs.

More photos


Santa cabin in Finland (Kaaresuvanto)

08 12 2010 - Santa cabin completed in Finland (Kaaresuvanto)

The building is made of 200 mm. laminated logs.

More photos

On-line tracking system

09 11 2010 - Most of our deliveries can now be controlled on-line

Our clients can see the current dislocation of the lorry themselves on-line. It can be previewed in the map as well.

It is very convenient as it enables more precise planning of unloading.



Show room in the office

15 10 2010 - Show room completed in our office!

The clients are welcome to visit our office and check most of our standard materials.

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Log house in Switzerland (Claro)

04 08 2010 - Log house being built in Switzerland (Claro)

The building might be available for visiting by appointment - contact us.

Log house in Sweden (Bydalen)

27 07 2010 - Log house being built in Sweden (Bydalen)

The building might be available for visiting by appointment - contact us.

New website

06 2010 - A new design of our website!

We have changed the design and the content of our website.

18 log houses project in Lithuania

15 08 2008 - 18 log houses project completed in Lithuania!

It is the first and the only one such a big log houses project in Lithuania!

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