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Traditional & innovative building systems

Inner door description

Standard inner door description:

  • Door thickness: 40 mm.
  • Treatment: mat varnished (alternatively can be stained or painted any colour)

Selected pine wood - no branches!

Our doors are made of selected laminated pine wood. And it comes like a standard in our deliveries!

Selected laminated pine door

Solid door frame, sealant strip and overlap

Our doors have a solid door frame which is the same wide as the wall.

The doors also have a sealant strip and an overlap which guarantee better sound and insulation properties.

Handle and WC thumb-turn "Abloy"

Model: Handle 6/007, WC thumb-turn LH007

Adjustable hinges

Adjustable hinge

Lock "Abloy" (Finland)

Model: 2014

Lock "Abloy"

Handle “Ayr”

Model 1457 (Blacksmith copy). Available for extra charge.

Handle “Ayr” (Blacksmith copy)


Inner door packing

Standard models and measures

Standard models and measures are given below. Individual models and measures are also available.

Standard models and measures


 Standard inner door  Standard inner door  Standard inner door