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Traditional & innovative building systems

Euro-standard window (opening inwards)

Euro-standard window description:

  • painted with “Sikkens” (Germany) or “Teknos” (Finland)
  • colours: to be chosen from a palette
  • opening: tilt, turn, micro ventilation
  • laminated pine frame 67 mm., double glazed, U=1,40
  • laminated pine frame 87 mm., triple glazed, U=0,86

Installation according to drawing no. LD032

Fitting system: “Roto frank” (Germany)

 Handle “Roto frank”  Hinge “Roto frank”  Tilt opening  “Roto frank” accessories

Inner finishing boards "Siljan" (Sweden)

Untreated, in running meters.

 Inner finishing board "Siljan" (Sweden) (whitely stained)  Inner finishing board "Siljan" (Sweden) (varnished)  Inner finishing board "Siljan" (Sweden) (varnished)  Inner finishing board "Siljan" (Sweden) (varnished)  Inner finishing board "Siljan" (Sweden) (white painted)

Outer finishing boards

  • Pre-cut in necessary measures
  • Painted same colour as outer side of windows
 Outer finishing boards (plastic from the windowsill not removed yet)

Glass unit and heat conductivity coefficient

Double glazed glass unit, 24 mm (4-16-4) – 1,10 W/m2K
Also available: Triple glazed glass unit, 48 mm (4-18-4-18-4) – 0,53 W/m2K

 Triple glazed glass unit