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Traditional & innovative building systems

Electricity installation


DREAMHOUSE UAB have developed electricity installation system "Quick & Simple".

Main advantages:

  • Time saving. No vertical drilling of logs needed - no electricity drawings needed when producing log construction in the factory.
  • Flexibility. You can install extra sockets afterwards any time and anywhere.
  • Simplicity. Sockets can be delivered already pre-installed in the wooden frame.
  • Style. These sockets are of the same style as other finishing materials we use in our buildings.


 Rosette "Quick & Simple"  Rosette "Quick & Simple"  Rosette "Quick & Simple"  Rosette "Quick & Simple"


As the switches are commonly installed nearby the doors, wiring can be taken between the logs and door frame - no vertical drilling in logs needed!

 Switch "Quick & Simple"  Switch "Quick & Simple"