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Traditional & innovative building systems

Sales of wooden houses

Dreamhouse sales model

Wooden houses are ordered and delivered according to the model below.

7 steps
1. Sketches

Sketches are primary drawings made by the buyer or his architect to express an idea of expectable log building to the company.

2. Preliminary commercial offer

Commercial offer is the document containing the cost of a log building.

Preliminary commercial offer is prepared according to these documents presented by the Buyer:

3. Architectural & construction drawings

Architectural drawings made by our architects are particularly designed for log construction.

Construction drawings are usually prepared as a supplement to the architectural drawings. It indicates technical solutions of a particular project.

4. Final commercial offer

Final commercial offer is prepared according to architectural & construction drawings (see previous step).

It indicates exact purchase price.

5. Contract

Contract – a document confirming the agreement between the buyer and the company.

It defines the content of delivery, production terms, guarantees and other conditions of the delivery.

6. Delivery

Materials produced can be shipped by:

  • Buyer’s presented collecting vehicle (EXW, Incoterms 2010)

Most of our deliveries can be controlled on-line.

7. Assembling

Materials delivered can be assembled in 3 ways:

  • By using a full assembling crew from the company
  • By hiring a qualified supervisor from the company
  • The client can assemble the materials on his own by using Self-Assembling Guidebook that is presented by the company

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