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Traditional & innovative building systems

Individual design of log houses

Dreamhouse UAB is designing individual wooden houses.

How it works?

You only need to send your sketches and our company will make a full 3D project! And then will build your house anywhere in Europe!

A few illustrations are given below.

Dreamhouse individual designing

Dreamhouse designing model

Wooden houses are designed according to the model below.

Dreamhouse designing model
1. Sketches

Sketches are primary drawings made by the buyer or his architect to express an idea of expectable log building to the company.

The sketches can be quite rough (drawn by hand or similar) but it should meet some requirements.

2. Project Order Form

Project Order Form - the document consisting of some questions which are to be answered by the buyer before starting any designing

3. Primary project

Primary project is created according to the Sketches and Project Order Form. Primary project consists of both Architectural & Construction drawings.

4. Secondary project

It is the Primary project corrected according to the buyer's remarks.

5. Final project

It is the Secondary project corrected according to the buyer's remarks.

See a sample of Final project

Send your sketches!

Fill in this form and send your sketches!