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Traditional & innovative building systems

Wooden log houses assembly

There are 3 ways of assembling available - see below.

1. Full assembling crew from the company

If you order assembling service, not only the materials but the work done (assembling) will be covered by 5 years guarantee as well.

Wooden houses are assembled by 4-5 carpenters having all necessary tools. Additionally Dreamhouse UAB is always sending a supervisor who is responsible for a whole building process.

Even if you order our assembling crew, there are some things that you have to organize and pay the cost of.

Assembling schedule is always presented before start of assembling (see below).

Dreamhouse assembling schedule

2. Supervision

It is highly recommend that wooden buildings would be assembled by the professionals. Therefore we offer either full assembling crew or one of our supervisors. Our supervisors are fully introduced to the content of the delivery and the building system. Therefore assembling of your workers accompanied by one of our supervisors will be quicker and more fluent.

3. Self-assembling

If you are experienced enough, you can carry out assembling on your own. It is quite easy as Self-assembling Guidebook is always presented together with the delivery.