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Traditional & innovative building systems

RockTorv® roof system

RockTorv® - quick and easy to install

RockTorv® is quite innovative roof system in Norway. Differently from the traditional way to install turf roofs, RockTorv® roof system has no rafters or any air gaps.

Due to that RockTorv® roof system is much quicker and very easy to install. There are only 4 steps (see below).

RockTorv® roof system

So our clients choosing RockTorv® roof system can shorten a whole building process and get some savings in the end!

RockTorv® really works!

Our company have made thermo vision photos and the results were more than satisfactory. Thermo vision photo confirms that RockTorv® works just fine.

 Thermo vision photo

RockTorv® in our buildings

Here are some photos of RockTorv® in our buildings.

 Edge boards installed  Waterproofing layer just installed  RockTorv® insulation plates in place

Meeting the requirements of TEK 2010

February 1st, 2010 building regulations has changed in Norway. Starting from this date U-value requirements for roofs (according to TEK 2010) are:

0,18 W/m2KLog cabin 50-150m2
0,13 W/m2KLog cabin >150m2

Working with RockTorv® roof system it is very easy to meet the requirements of TEK 2010.