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Traditional & innovative building systems

LAFTETEKNIKK building method

Sheep wool

Sheep wool

Dreamhouse UAB use sheep wool as sealing material between the logs that is most common in Norway.

Humidity 18 ± 2%

Humidity 18 ± 2%

Humidity of logs is strictly controlled. Logs are dried up to 18 ± 2%


Roof beams

Round roof beams "asser" are designed and dimensioned to be in accordance with Norwegian building standards.

Metal zinced fasteners to guarantee the stability

Metal zinced fasteners

If the logs are to be joined in length, there are metal zinced fasteners used to guarantee the stability.

Logs of 250-400mm. high

Logs of 250-400mm. high

Dreamhouse UAB use only carefully selected wood. Therefore we can offer the logs that are 250-400mm. high.

Roof beams & logs >6000mm.

Roof beams & logs up to 12,0m.

Normally we always have roof beams & logs up to 12,0m. in stock.