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Traditional & innovative building systems

Norwegian handcrafted log houses


LAFTETEKNIKK building method

Our Norwegian log cabins are produced by using traditional Norwegian building method LAFTETEKNIKK.

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Dreamhouse log cabins are in conformity with the standard Laftede vegger (Byggforsk 523.291, version 1 − 2006) issued by Norwegian Building Research Institute.


STAVLAFT - combination of log & frame construction

STAVLAFT – is a common way to build houses in Norway.

Ground floor: there are vertical hand-crafted pillars used in the corners as the main bearing construction. There is frame construction used in between the pillars.

Upper floor: built like a traditional log building.


Standard projects

Standard projects

Dreamhouse UAB has created some standard projects.

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Attention to the details

Attention to the details: carving, decorating and more

We care about the details. We build individual houses and we want them to be exclusive, exceptional and designed specially for you.

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RockTorv® roof system. All the rights of this picture belongs to AS Rockwool in Oslo, Norway.

RockTorv® - innovative and quick turf roof system

Dreamhouse UAB use RockTorv® turf roof system because it lets save time and be less dependant on the weather conditions.

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Copper - common in our deliveries!

Copper - common in our deliveries!

Dreamhouse UAB use a copper for many elements in the buildings.

One company for everything!

One company for everything!

We know how difficult it can be to get right personnel for different works: bricking, tiling, painting or laying the turf.

Therefore Dreamhouse UAB is now offering these services for our clients to make it easier.

Acting in accordance to the legislation of Norway

Dreamhouse UAB acts in accordance to the legislation of Norway. The company is registered as "Mirosta" in Brønnøysund Register Centre and VAT register.