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What the clients say about Dreamhouse

Dreamhouse - individual wooden log houses and cabins Company What the clients say about Dreamhouse
Chalet in Agnières-en-Dévoluy, France

"Honestly, your team is perfect, always smiling, always available to answer my questions, but never noise, never distracted, always head down to work ... better seems impossible!"

Yves A. (built 07 2015 in Agnières-en-Dévoluy, France)

Dreamhouse wooden house in Oslo

“We are very pleased with the work of Dreamhouse UAB. Professional service from day one to the completion of the project. The innovative post and beam wooden construction is impressive. From windows to the plaster boards inside; everything was done exceptionally well. The guys on site were easy to talk to as well.

 We also liked the dedication and involvement of the project managers and designing team. They were available even at inconvenient working hours.  Discussions with live 3D drawings via Skype was really helpful in designing phases.

Project was completed in time, which was particularly important to us!

 We recommend Dreamhouse for those who care about quality and flexibility!"

Aivaras S. (built 11 2014 in Oslo, Norway)

Wooden house reference in Hemsedal, Norway

"Regarding the work on the building site I am very happy! It is so satisfying finally to see our dream coming true – so far just being vaguely reflected in drawings, but very clearly in my head ;) Now it is starting to look just like what we had visualized it!

The crew looks good too. I had good discussions and clarifications with Raimondas and the other English speaking guy who looks to be some kind of “deputy boss”. They seem very skilled and pragmatic and seem to tackle theirs challenges as the come by. In discussions regarding some changes they were very helpful and supportive as well. So all in all I am very happy."

Jørn S. (built 07 2014 in Hemsedal, Norway)

Wooden house reference in Les Houches, France)

"Work ethic, quality of work and care taken, enthusiasm and hepfulness of team.

The house is lovely now we are in, thank you..."

Michele and Oliver W. (built 12 2012 in Les Houches, France)

6289 Hämikon, Switzerland

"I can recommend the supervisor Raimondas and the team for further building sites very much.

Raimondas made his work very good and was always helpful. All the visitors appreciated him because he gave time for everyone. Another plus... Raimondas speaks German very well what is surely a reason for the good relationship with the neighbours."

Philipp R. (built 07 2012 in 6289 Hämikon, Switzerland)



"Five days, That's how long it has taken for the construction team to put this house together. Which is simply astonishing. We are obviously delighted at the progress being made."

"We are so impressed with the efficiency and speed with which the guys are building this chalet - they could certainly teach the French a thing or two..!"

"This is probably an ideal time to offer a few, specific, thank-you's: To Al and Bee Street, who allowed us to copy them shamelesslessly (!) in giving us the contact for Dreamhouse and who have subsequently been such a great help for advice and suggestions; to the Dreamhouse Team themselves - notably Mindaugas and Aurimas, who have stayed with us in the three years it has taken to get this far. And who have been BRILLIANT in every dealing we have had with them. <…> We certainly couldn't have done it without you."

Lisa and Jason R. (built 10 2011 in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France)

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Dreamhouse cabin in Hungary

"I already purchased one small laminated square-log house for Hungarian market, I was and I am impressed about the wood-quality and the attitude of the company."

Laszlo M. (built 07 2011 in Hungary)

"Quick and precise answers. Good quality of material and very skilled logworkers.

We have a lovely log house in Bydalen thanks to Dreamhouse!"

Remi and Cecilia S. (built 03 2011 in Bydalen, Sweden)

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"We chose Dreamhouse because we heard very good reviews from another client in Ireland.

We liked how professionally every aspect of the build was dealt with and how every request was dealt with in a very timely manner.

Overall a very positive experience and would highly recommend the company."

Sean and Mary D. (built 06 2010 in Portlaoise, Ireland)

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"Good assistance, good price and experienced staff. Also good after sales service and serious people for everything."

Miguel Ángel A. (built 01 2010 in Madrid, Spain)

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